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Benefits to Screening Compost and Potting Soil

wire mesh
1/6 inch wire mesh

Before planting, make sure your potting soil has been sifted or screened. Often times twigs, clods of dirt, and small rocks can be found in potting soil. This can damage root growth. The finer the potting soil the better, I always screen my potting mix with a 1/6 inch mesh screen to ensure the softest, fluffiest, cleanest medium possible.

half inch mesh
1/2 inch mesh
Even if I am planting into pots, or into raised beds, I still like to sift my compost through a 1/2 inch mesh. This is big enough to let small stones fall through, however will clean out any twigs, leaves, large rocks, or uncomposted things that will rob large amounts of nitrogen from the garden. It also just like before ensures a smoother texture to allow water to be absorbed, reduces leaching of nutrients, and reduces air gaps in the soil that harm plant roots. 


The result after sifting will be a beautiful super fine potting mix. See my homemade sifter using a fireplace screen. HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAERTNAQXDE



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