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The Garden Planner

Keep all your gardening notes organized in one place! An undated planner and journal that you can start at anytime to track all your gardening progress and growth!

Bulb+ Fertilizer

protect and feed your bulbs and tubers for flourishing plants!

The Autopilot Garden

Train your garden to practically grow itself with this new guide from YouTube gardening sensations Luke and Sindy Marion, founders of MIGardener.

New MIgardener Favorites

UC-157 Asparagus

This beloved asparagus is sought after worldwide! It is a reliable grower known as a classic asparagus for its perfect length, size, and green color! Best to grow by the coast or in milder climate areas.

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Orange Cayenne Pepper

This fiery orange pepper is slender and long and supremely versatile as it can be dried as a powdered spice or tossed into stir fry and sauces. Enjoy with caution!

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Black Magic Kale

Think Lacinato Kale, but with a deeper color and milder flavor! This new favorite is loved for its heartiness as it thrives in both spring and warmer weather; its leaves are abundant and will reappear again and again! Enjoy cooked, raw or juiced!

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Garden Memories Candle Collection
There are so many fond moments spent and created in the garden that we wanted to bring them inside the comfort of your home!
New Seeds
We carry all kinds of different books; gardening, recipe and travel books!

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