11 reviews for Chocolate Cherry Sunflower

  1. ashnpflug

    This spring I planted these sunflowers and they did not disappoint. The name is perfect as they truly give off a hint of cherry color. If you enjoy beautiful things in your garden, this will dazzle you!

  2. LeeRoy

    Pretty and tall. I won’t ever have a garden without these beauties. 100% germination.

  3. shannonsweeley

    This sunflower is stunning! Dark and captivating.

  4. hsimpson6102

    Beautiful burgundy sunflower with slight yellow on the petal tips and around the center (mine did not look quite like the MIgardener picture). Having very limited space, I grew four of these flowers in a 5 gallon fabric pot and they did great!

  5. lcronkr

    Flowers are absolutely beautiful seeds germinated perfectly and grew fast 10/10!

  6. lostinthewoods9575

    These flowers were beautiful and had a great germination rate. Will definitely have a spot in my garden again!

  7. schallapril

    First year planting sunflowers in my garden after many years of gardening. I was so impressed by these beauties! They were shorter than another variety I had but I loved them anyway. Beautiful! 100% germination too

  8. artcop14

    The most beautiful sunflower in my garden. Every day I would go out into my garden and see this amazing bloom, I would stop and stare in awe. I probably took a picture of it almost everyday. I can’t wait to grow it again. A must for anyone’s garden.

  9. ourlife767

    Very beautiful and dark sunflower.

  10. shannonsweeley

    These are so pretty and unique amongst my other sunflowers.

  11. evno3000

    These were great!

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