45 reviews for Orange Roussollini Tomato

  1. Michel Montambault

    I don’t have already grow these, but this summer it will be beautiful in my garden 🙂

  2. Sally

    Just planted my seeds and came up in three days. Can’t wait to see results!

  3. Julia Ketchum

    I started four seeds in the last week and they’ve already sprouted. I’m so very happy with their germination rate. Now, with my poor “green thumb”, if I can only keep them alive and strong until it’s time to actually plant them in the ground…

  4. Paul Douzat

    I absolutely can.not.WAIT to try this tomato for myself! The germination rate was 100%. I have 15 plants (yes lots of seeds in my pack). Putting them in the ground next week!

  5. Cris shultz

    I was amazed with the germination after 4 days All 10 seed that I planted in each cell sprouted. Noted I don’t use grow light or heat mat I just put them out side for sun and bring them inside at night time.

  6. Sally

    Can’t wait to grow these tomatoes. My seeds germinated in 3 days and I also do not use grow lights. i just put them next to a sunny window.

  7. kortney gentner

    My germination rate was outstanding as well. My question. Are these a determinate variety?

  8. Emily Waala

    Out of 6 different tomato varieties, I am most excited about this one. Fast, 100% germination! They are just now getting their 2nd set of leaves, but I’m excited to watch them grow.

  9. Jamie Overholt

    I had 100% germination with these seeds and actually had to thin them. I transplanted all of these seedlings once from a 1 inch cell pot to a 12 oz. plastic cup. I am surprised at how thick the stem has gotten for such a young seedling. I can’t wait to taste these tomatoes!

  10. Randy

    So I started these seeds indoors several months ago. The seeds took a little less than a week to sprout and looked absolutely amazing. The color on the leaves are greener than any other plant I have ever seen and the underside of the leaves have a little bit of a purple color that looks awesome (This color only lasts a few weeks while the plant is a seedling). I transplanted the seedlings into large pots (1 plant per pot) outdoors about a month later and they took off like crazy. Currently, the plants are about 3-4 months old and they are HUGE. I believe they are indeterminate because they keep growing and I had to stake them and prune them. They are currently producing super red and really cool heart shaped tomatoes, and are by far the best tomatoes I have ever tasted. I did have to put bird netting around the plants because the birds love these tomatoes as well (no surprise). As of this moment, I am saving tons of seeds from the tomatoes and they are fermenting. I will definetely continue to grow this variety for the rest of my life. Thank you MIGardener for the seeds!

    • MIgardener

      That is amazing Randy! Exactly what we like to hear! Have you shared pictures with us on Facebook? We would LOVE to share some pictures of the first Orange Roussollini tomatoes of the year with the world!

  11. Michel Montambault

    Very sweet and delicious. They grow so fast! I’m really happy with these tomatoes!!! 🙂

  12. Trixie

    I just love these tomatoes. I have six plants that just keep producing the sweetest most flavorful tomato once fully ripped I have ever eaten and I grow a lot. My new favorite for my summer sandwiches. Yum!

  13. Jon

    Review, take 3. The first review was somehow removed. Now I’m beginning to wonder, so this review will be more pointed. These tomatoes taste like supermarket tomatoes in the middle of winter. There is little flavor, and zero sweet. Thick skin with a mush/paste interior flesh. Of all the tomato varieties I grew, these were hit worst by tomato blight. They were not bushy as stated, and needed heavy staking. Basically everything stated in the video, ended up complete opposite. I assumed these were accidentally crossed with another breed, it happens. But when an honest review is removed, while positive reviews by people who never even grew it are allowed to stay, I have to start wondering what is being hidden. If anyone doubts me, feel free to contact me and I will gladly send you one to try for yourself. Please do so by the end of August, since I will no longer be growing these, and the plants will be dead by then from the blight. PS, I have given 5 star reviews to the banana peppers, chioggia beets, and utah sweet spanish onions- none of those reviews were removed.

  14. Karl Stadtler

    I grew three very productive plants this summer. Two of them produced very good tasting tomatoes while one plant produced tomatoes that are among the best I have ever grown. Does not seem to have the most stable phenotypes due to differences in color, taste and size so grow more than one plant and save seeds from your favorite! Over all great seeds.

  15. Fawny Lewis

    I need to grow more next year. I wanted to make salsa or tomato sauce with them but my hubby eats them as fast as I can pick them! So good!

  16. Lindsay Kalinowski

    They are like small Roma tomatoes, but with more flesh and less juice. They are sweet like cherry tomatoes. My favorite! They grew tall but when they fruited the plants layed on the ground…and no blight. Big producers, too. I love that it’s heirloom and it’s backstory, from a family in Italy.

  17. Wendy

    Very disappointed… I was so excited to try the tomato and when it finally ripened. It was pasty, thick skinned, and not sweet at all.

  18. Bill

    Very strong plant with a thick stalk at the base. It does not need a large amount of staking. I was expecting a medium size tomato. but I got cherry size tomatoes. However the flavor is absolutely amazing. These will be in my garden every year from now on.

  19. Michele B.

    I grew several of these and gave many plants away to friends. I planted two for myself, one each in a large 25 gallon container. I added some basil to the container and what I thought were small marigolds (they were not). The plants did ok but I figured I just did too much. I have one plant that has tear drop shaped fruit that gets a deep orange almost to red color and the other is more round and more red less orange. I was unimpressed with the flavor. It was mealy and thick skinned. I left the plants alone. Come back around 4 weeks later and the marigolds are dead, the tomato plant looks amazing and I decided to taste the fruit again. THERE IT WAS! The sweetness that was described in Luke’s video. They were delicious. I had written them off but now plan to plant again next year. I still don’t care for the thick or at least hard to chew skin but the flavor is out of this world.

  20. Mike

    I had similar results as Jon and Wendy. I was looking forward to trying these after Luke raved about them. I was very disappointed with the results. Tasted “meh” bland and not memorable, EXTREMELY thick skinned, and the worst tomato I have ever grown. I was extremely disappointed and left wondering if I even received the correct product? I also bought a pack of seeds for a friend who had the exact same results as I did. I will definitely not be growing these again, unless I can be assured that there was some issue with cross pollination that affected the seeds I received.

    On a plus side, the germination rate was superb!

  21. Pawat

    I had the same result as Jon, Wendy, Mike (see above) from 3 plants. All yielded moderately prolific fruits which looked similar to the ones shown in picture above and in the video, especially the color and the pointy bottom. However, they didn’t taste like much — just bland and pasty / mealy. I am a geneticist, and I totally understand that this may be due to cross pollination, or simply independent segregation, resulting in unstable phenotypes. So one may need to grow 8-16 plants to ensure one with the sweet taste similar to what’s shown in the video. I’ve eliminated other causes like soil quality, etc, as I had other varieties grown under the same condition and yielded expected phenotypes. Totally understandable, but it would be good to warn other people before they buy.

  22. max johnson

    Unfortunately, my experience is similar to Pawat, Jon, Wendy, Mike. The fruit didn’t come out tasting very good at all, and the plant didn’t have a thick stem as they were supposed to look. Can’t complain too much considering the seeds are so affordable.

    I like the shape and the thick skin which means it will store well, just wish it tasted better. Hopefully it can be developed to be stable in future then I might give another chance, because 10+ brix rating isn’t easy to come by.

  23. Allison

    This tomatoe is one of my favorites I grew it 2016 summer and my family and I enjoyed it eating straight on a sanwitch or in a salad it’s very sweet and juicy.

  24. Lisa

    I am terrible at seed starting. After trying twice and having them germinate then die off, I finally just stuck a couple seeds in my raised bed. They came up and did very well. They were very prolific. I found the flavor of these to be just okay as I do with most cherry tomatoes.

  25. Danielle Diakoff-King

    I started about 8 different kinds of tomatoes this year, these were the very LAST to sprout – about a week later than all the rest – but they are now the STRONGEST and BIGGEST of all the seedlings. Just getting their second set of leaves now. Can’t wait to see how they taste!

  26. Andrea

    Good: germinated well. Made a healthy plant. For me, it fruited even earlier than “early girl.” Texture of fruit is nice.
    Meh… not exactly bad: The flavor of the tomato is very mild. It is sweet like a cherry tomato, but doesn’t have much “tomato flavor” to it. I prefer a stronger tasting tomato, myself. The fruit is also small… bigger than a cherry, but slightly smaller than an amish plum tomato.

  27. Genevieve

    I started these tomatoes indoors. Good germination. The plants are huge and I have a load of tomatoes on the plant still. The plant is still looking strong. I will be growing theses next year.

  28. jessicam11402

    Back for more seeds for the 2018 garden! We loved these last year after I figured out that we had been picking them too early and they tasted like thick skinned romas (awesome in sauce though).

    They should be a deep red/orange and if you try one and its not sweet- leave them on the vine! They will finish growing and sweeten up. I saved seeds from last year but cannot find them now, so back to MI Gardener 🙂 Thanks for still carrying them!

  29. Anthony Noll

    Great tomatos and high producing

  30. Vaughan

    I had success growing this plant last year but I wont be growing them again. The plant produced well but the tomatoes had thick skin and many cracked. The taste was that of a store bought tomato, BLAND! Order something else; I will be throwing these seeds away.

  31. alessandroparini

    I got 15 seeds and 12 of them sprouted. Half of them look like a cherry/beefsteak hybrid and the other half looks ALMOST like the roussolini. They are really prolific and thick-stemmed too! But they don’t have pointy ends and no matte red colour. After taste-testing the first ones today, they just taste bland.. I was excited the whole year to finally see how these taste and out of 12 seeds, all of them must have cross-pollinated. I’ve wasted my tomato spaces with some weird hybrid now. I’m so unbelievably sad..

    Luke, I’m really disappointed. You should not have grown these tomatoes next to the sungolds. I won’t be able to enjoy any good homegrown tomatoes this year and the excitement is gone.

  32. dana.price

    Had great germination, but I’ve started harvesting tomatoes this week and they taste like many of the reviews above.. very bland and pasty. The bottoms are also rounded and the fruits are pretty small, so I don’t think these bred true to the phenotype in the video, unfortunately… that’s the risk that comes with heirlooms, though.

  33. emily.witter

    Planted 11 of these this year. Plant was the right size and had lots of fruit. However, out of 11 plants, none of the tomatoes are true to picture. All 11 plants produced elongated plum shaped tomato that is light red in color and no elongated tip. Disappointing but the taste is good so it’s not a complete loss.

  34. badazz_buklao

    I got the seeds for these tomatoes early January. Started seeding indoor right away. Seeds germinated within 2 to 3 days at a 100% rate. I have 7 plants going right now, one seems to be growing so much faster and seeing some tomatoes already. Can’t wait to try them.

  35. someguy43210

    This is a second time review. I originally grew this variety in 2016, but it was a cross. I grew it again this year in 2019 and I think the plant have more similar to the characteristics shown in the video. The plant is a determinate short bushy plant with strong main stem. It produces profusely, even though it’s not a multiflora, it put out loads of fruits. This time the fruits are still oval grape shape, but not pointy at the end. Unfortunately, the taste isn’t very good and I probably won’t grow it again. On the positive side, this is a very productive plant that puts out loads of 1inch or larger cherries at the sametime. And it is a short plant at 3.5 to 4ft tall max, so it’s great for container growing on patio or dock. This is a bushy determinate plant and you should not prune it too much or you will get less yield.

  36. cindyfoto

    I also was very disapointed with this tomatoe. the plants I think are vigorous and bushy, and Im thinking a Indeterminate. which isnt what I wanted. the tomatoes are beautiful red. but thick skinned and mushy on the inside. not very sweet! not Juicy at all. I will never grow these again. and frankly dont trust migardners reviews anymore.

  37. hankinsallen39

    ugh…. biggest disappointment in the garden this year. I had the same results as some other customers on here. Thick skinned, mealy, flavorless tomato. Did not have the teardrop shape that Luke got when he grew them. Was the first plant to suffer from Blight also. Will not be growing these again!

  38. cking03ce

    To start this review off. This tomato plant was extremely prolific and produced tons of 1 inch tomatoes and does well in both a container or a raised bed (Yield is significantly higher in a raised bed). However my biggest problem was the tomatoes produced did not have the shape nor taste profile Luke described. They do however make decent sun dried tomatoes but other varieties are better for drying.
    With that said if you have kids and want to get them into gardening..this is a perfect variety because it’s so hardy and prolific in the garden.

  39. sdwelch

    Germinated well. VERY prolific. Unfortunately, nothing special about the shape or flavor. They were like store bought cherry tomatoes. Big disappointment, but I will still continue buying from MIgardender. Love this site and love the Youtube videos.

  40. peraakerub

    A dissapointing bland taste
    they taste like a tomatoe from the supermarket.
    No pointy ends at all.
    A sad waste of space.
    Please dont remove the review.

  41. kimrobw4

    They were the most prolific plant in my garden. Heavy, heavy producer. Lovely tomatoes. No nlemishes, no marks or inperfections. Downside? Absolutely no taste whatsoever. Waste of garden space

  42. steveosullivan77

    Good production, but susceptible to blight and very bland in flavor. Will not grow again

  43. lyonsashley267

    Awesome producer!

  44. dilymac

    I grew these last spring, out of the 4 different tomato varieties I planted these were the best tasting and most productive tomato in my garden.

  45. Alexasebedo

    Loved this! Iam zone 9A grew well, germination was almost 100% and was very prolific!!!

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