7 reviews for Velvet Queen Sunflower

  1. Christina

    Fast growth from these seeds. Growing tall and strong.

  2. Shannon Hagedorn

    My favorite of the sunflowers offered here at MIgardener. The others have done beautifully as well but this is my fave!

  3. ashnpflug

    A true delight as autumn approaches. These sunflowers are every bit as spectacular in my garden as they are in the photos.

  4. Patcharavadee Julotai

    I think I got the wrong seeds. While the flowers are beautiful, the color is not red velvet. They are the mix shades of yellow and orange. I think they are actually Autumn beauty, not Velvet Queen. I’m sure I didn’t mix up the seeds as I have only 2 packages one is Velvet Queen, another one is Sungold Tall. The Sungold tall sunflowers look very different from Velvet Queen.

  5. gloria.maria.bryan

    100 percent germination, stunning, lots and lots of flowers, later in the season there were lots of tinier flowers. Be warned, the squirrels & chipmunks love them too. I got all the varieties of sunflowers. All did just as well. The only ones that didn’t pan out were the mammoth sunflowers and that’s because the chipmunks kept digging out the seeds.

  6. evanrahaman

    These Are Great!

  7. scenestra

    These are so pretty and my local flower eaters seemed to love them as well!

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