7 reviews for Purple White Globe Turnip

  1. Edwin Rodrigues

    First time gardener . Cant say much about growing . Experience will count .

  2. Michelle McGuire

    Great germination and taste! Turned into a sweet taste after Frost.

  3. loganwayne88

    Very easy to grow, even multi-sown. reliably grows good sized turnips with good flavor and tender roots as long as you harvest them before they get bigger than a softball. I grow these every year for my mother and she loves them, she even eats them raw in slices.

  4. Phillip Knight

    Did very well in a container for a late fall harvest [in a warm year in zone 7a] in a spot with limited sunlight hours.
    Half of the turnips that I planted were very slow to mature, half were super quick – I simultaneously had 3inch diameter and < 1inch diameter turnips – though I imagine this is probably something to do with where and how I planted them.
    A bonus as a container crop: the wide leaves created a canopy that kept evaporation low, I didn't have to water at all beyond our routine mid-atlantic rains in DC. Planted next to carrots that seemed perfectly happy to hang out in their shade and enjoy the consistent moisture.

  5. ilovebugs08

    Excellent turnip, matured in about 65 days, just keep the flea beetles off and they are good to go. Excellent roasted or grilled

  6. evanrahaman

    10/10 will grow again

  7. ourlife767

    i will buy again

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