5 reviews for Buttercrunch Lettuce

  1. Ethan

    Got tons of seeds in one 99cent order. grown hydroponically it has done well. the only issues I had were of my own doing (too hot in grow tent). Keep this plant cool and it is a great producer.

  2. lyonsashley267


  3. micheleahland

    This is one of my favorite lettuces. It taste great and it has a nice texture to it. My kids who aren’t the biggest fans of leafy greens even like this variety. I grew so much of this that I ended up donating a bunch of it to a local food bank. This is a variety I’ll be growing almost year round from now on.

  4. jaydee818

    Great lettuce. Grew this for the first time in December 2019, zone 10b, Los Angeles. Did the cut and come again harvesting and these were producing up to May! Absolutely my family’s favorite lettuce when it comes to texture and flavor so I planted it the most this season.

  5. justineoliverosjco

    Tons of seeds with great germination rate

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