17 reviews for Broad Leaved Sage

  1. Glenna F

    Started these indoors and the plants were up in no time. Incredibly aromatic and tasty leaves. 100% germination rate!

  2. Jeremy

    Survives well in the heat and rain here in florida. Has been going strong all season.

  3. Alison

    I forgot this with a couple other seedlings last spring, burst to life when I moved it to a larger pot early summer. Great taste, vigorous growth. Don’t think I’ll need the other seeds, but with this deep freeze I’ll cross my fingers.

  4. corinnemnilsen

    This is such a pretty herb, looks great in the vegetable garden as well as in flower beds. Grows well and tastes great!

  5. bladeddragon

    Let me tell you these things do not disappoint.
    I startted them last year and had very good germination
    I did not pick or cut but a few of them
    They survived the winter still growing all winter long and bloomed about a month ago (start of june) I now have all those seeds to look forward to continuing to grow and thicken my patch.

  6. cd.mans

    Good germination. I started indoors, during the summer it was on the patio, but I think I will planted in de garden to see if it will survive the winter (zone 5b).

  7. steveosullivan77

    Excellent flavor, production, growth, & germination

  8. lyonsashley267

    Delicious! Good germination and grows fast.

  9. blazer4hire

    These plants grew beautifully and were wonderful in foods and teas. It dries nicely and had such a nice fragrance when handling it. Though I do suggest keeping these in something like a 3-gallon pot as they do get an extensive root system even in the first year. Unless you want a nice perennial bush! I made the mistake of placing them in a pot that drained too well, was too small, with too many plants. My largest plant is maybe 7” tall and wide but would have easily gotten much larger had it had the chance

  10. scenestra

    Germination was good, plants where a bit small but I had them in a container so that might have been all me. Also lived much farther into the cold than expected!

  11. kalauing

    Good germination that produced nice plants.

  12. ashleeboivin802

    100% germination rate.be careful with your watering schedule with these guys. Figured out the hard way they really dont like wet feet. Even withthat mistake on my end, once I figured it out and watered less they started coming back.

  13. lammeri

    Started some mid summer last year with a great germination rate. All of them have survived winter even though they aren’t too big. Looking forward to them really taking off this summer.

  14. cmpekin

    Loved this! Planted last year and it came back wonderfully. Dried it for winter cooking. Easy to grow.

  15. corinnemnilsen

    Beautiful plant! It came back this year both in my raised bed and in my flower bed. The smell is great too! I haven’t used it for cooking yet, but I love the look of it

  16. ohgardener44691

    Great! Only planted a couple plants. So aromatic. Will dry these, and plant many more next year.

  17. aminta.s.largaespada

    Just for the smell is worthy!!

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