18 reviews for Cylindra Beet

  1. jhenley019

    Very tasty and easy to grow.

  2. Darren Lind

    Good germination and nice baby greens so far.

  3. joel.r.bradley

    We grow this to process for canned and pickled beets. When most get the diameter of a little bigger than a golf ball we pull them all, scrub, roast, slice, pickle and can. Because of their shape their slices are more uniform.

  4. oceane.mccollum

    Very good size beets, amazing greens too, love them!

  5. bouncerdjwife

    All of my beets have germinated so quickly. Their red stems look so pretty among the greens of the lettuces.

  6. femichic2

    Growing in Zone 9. These produce a delicious bite size snack. Excellent germination rate.

  7. dmsmith820

    Don’t know what I did but I had terrible germination. I had 1-2 little sprouts that didn’t make it from at least 20 seeds planted. Radishes and chard nearby are doing fine…maybe I got a weak packet.

  8. evanrahaman

    Easy to grow and taste really good.

  9. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener’s Seeds!

  10. evno3000

    These seeds are great!

  11. ilovebugs08

    Excellent red beet with that can be processed easily

  12. scenestra

    I had good germination and good growth, I even got a harvest of greens before pulling the beets for a second harvest of greens and the root!

  13. ilfstara

    Great beets, easy to peel, great texture and sweet flavor. Good germination and delicious greens too!

  14. bkjulia804

    These are just so tasty however wish they would grow bigger but that’s from my garden having a lot of weeds read that if there isn’t a lot of weeds it will grow bigger and longer.

  15. ameliamckenna17

    Great germination rate! Have these planted with the Detroit beets. Haven’t pulled any up yet, but they look amazing so far!

  16. wardea90

    Easy to grow, taste great, don’t let them get too big – they turn wood quickly.

  17. happytimesahead23

    Delicious 10/10

  18. corinnemnilsen

    Easy to grow and very versatile

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