15 reviews for Strike Bush Bean

  1. DEE

    We grew these from another source last year…glad to see them here. If you want to get your canning done fast plant Strike….a short row will fill a 5 gal. pail. REALLY! You will pick handfuls off each plant and several pickings, too from each planting. Very tasty and uniform in size Highly recommend

  2. Ethan

    only grown hydroponically for now, but super fast germination and healthy plant! looks to be a heavy yielding bean, especially when I get them outdoors.

  3. Beth & Darren Polm

    Grew these in the spring and now in the fall. Direct sown. They have 100% germination rate in central TX. They are so tasty and juicy. So easy to grow. Absolutely one of my favs to grow!

  4. Jared Sattler

    Great producer with great taste. My new favorite bush bean.

  5. Darren Lind

    Planted in ground and had seedlings within a week! these look like nice strong seedlings and the color is very bright/dark green. Good germination rate.

  6. John

    They’re coming in great, nice flavor, easy to grow. A winner for sure.

  7. Trish.wilhelm

    These are awesome beans. I planted two rows the beginning of June. They slowed a little during a hot spell we had, but came back in full force for the rest of the summer. I was still picking beans from the same plants into October. The plants looked about half dead because we stopped watering as much, but they still kept blooming and making beans. We ate them all summer and I froze about six gallon bags of them.

  8. bluelisa67

    This was the first time growing “Strike” here in Metro Detroit. Germination was very quick. Due to space restrictions I only planted several beans. We’ve had quite a good amount of beans already from just a handful of plants and I wish I had planted more. The beans are very tasty.

  9. i.roy.rox

    Beautifully Green
    Definitely Recommendation worthy

  10. melindamarsh2001

    beautiful plants but were overtaken by pumpkin vines before any beans.

  11. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  12. lillyglatz

    This is a good dependable variety, high yields, easy to pick. Avoid planting too early in cold soil, as with any bean. Holds well without getting tough or stringy.

  13. bpanders06

    Good size bush bean for container gardening. Had a better than expected yield. Tasted good raw, as well as in stir fry.

  14. happytimesahead23

    Abundant, will grow again. Phenomenal growth

  15. lamoureux.6697

    Beautiful and productive

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