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  1. Justin Becker

    I would’ve given this a 5 star but the cap and container opening are much too big in my opinion. Makes it hard to pour when full. Over time this won’t become a issue as it only gets easier to pour. Anyway that out of the way how well does this product work. Granted I only have a short term review here but the results are so immediate I decided to make one anyway.

    Here is what I have to say about it…. HOLY CRAP!!! I use this as a preventative option (once a week) for my container garden. For instance I harvested my first cutting of Cilantro/Parsley only 5 days ago and then used this product as plant stress was high with the hot weather and as of today I have to do another cutting as it has just overgrown the container again. Not to mention how green the plants look now. Its super dark green and VERY fragrant. Also the catnip I had planted had become choked out in to small a planter and was very stressed and the color of the leaves were yellowish orange. Planted in a new bigger pot and made sure to give it a healthy dose of this product and just a couple days later it is super green and growing much fuller.

    For the price of this product and how much you get is insane. Absolutely amazing. Not to mention you have little to no smell. Gone are the days, the smell of fish.

  2. Rene Mace

    My poor plants are so stressed from this heat wave, 12:00 and already 97 in the shade. I am using it on my flowers and potatoes. Also my lettuce crop in the garage is doing so well with this Revive RX. Lush green and super healthy!

  3. Jeffery Certain

    When the product arrived, my wife applied some to each of the vegetable plants in our raised bed. That was on a Tuesday. By the following weekend, it seemed that everything went into overdrive. The tomato plants are bushier and putting out clusters of cherry tomatoes. The kale and Swiss chard are shooting up and we’ve finally got peppers beginning to fruit. Her roses haven’t been doing well this season, but now there’s tons of new growth. All of the ornamental plants seem to be getting a boost from this product. Great job, Luke!

  4. Jackson Ranhart

    Pros: This product sparks new life for plants that are struggling to progress through the season. I have applied this product to Squash, Blackberries, Goji Berries, Cucumber, and Pepper plants. These plants that were struggling put on a TON of new growth within a week of the application. I also used this product on a mimosa tree sapling I purchased this year. The sapling was mostly dead except for about 3 inches from the ground up. I treated it with Revive RX, and within a week it put on leaves.

    Cons: Container opening did not have a seal; the opening is too large.

    Other Thoughts: Add measurements to the inside of the cap in the way of color coding. This way you could keep the large opening and just pour into the lid to measure out the desired tablespoon amount. The cap design is so minor that it does not take away from how great this product is. Great work on this product Luke!

  5. Christina Freeman

    I had some pepper plants that were near death. I added in the revive rx and within two days they bounced back nicely.

  6. Tallon Nuñez

    LOVE this stuff! I’ve had plants that I thought were all but dead, an I put a little of this in and they come back gang-busters style! Sadly you are out of stock right now…my poor plants!

    • Luke marion

      We will have more before long!

  7. tinatieu1

    Definitely does what it says it can do! I live in California zone 10b and I got this right before the heat weave struck. I used it during the heat wave when I noticed my plants were not looking so good. Great results over repeated application. My grandmother was away on vacation and she had a potted basil plant that looked dead, after watering it once it perked back up. However, it definitely was still struggling. Repeated application and pruning did wonders! My mother has a diseased cherimoya tree (she doesn’t have a green thumb, as I say) it might have been too far gone for this stuff to help it. I didn’t notice anything even with repeated application. I also used it on my massive passionfruit vine. It was doing great but I decided to give it some ReviveRx anyway. It started flower the next few days, after I thought it was seriously done and focusing on ripening the existing fruit. Maybe that’s just the nature of the passionfruit plant, but I thought that was cool. I don’t see anything wrong with the cap. I use a porcelain tablespoon to dilute it into a watering can. It can get kinda messy, but I’m not that careful because I don’t care if a couple drops spill. In conclusion, would recommend.

  8. Amy Edwards

    My plants were struggling this spring. They were yellow and slow growing. I received the Revive RX and applied it every 3 days for 2 weeks. After the first day there was noticeable results. 2 weeks later my plants are dark green, have grown a ton, and are loaded with flowers. Love this product. Pretty sure it saved my garden.

  9. yannlachen

    This gave my container lettuce lots of growth in the high heat of summer. My basil, parsely, oregano, are also thriving. Improved my planted peppers also, my melon plant also produced lot of flowers, will keep up with using this!

  10. jbailey024

    wish i got it sooner. this product was a life saver. cant wait to really try it out next season

  11. charles.2007.cm

    Works fantastic. Everything I have tried it on peppers, a peach tree, and some cabbage all quickly perked up. Gave some to a friend to use try too. I really recommend it.

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