8 reviews for The Autopilot Garden: A Guide to Hands Off Gardening

  1. partypaloozza

    Loved the book. Such an easy read. Hope you write another one. Love the pictures and the quick tips. I used your suggestions and my garden is awesome this year. Of course it is planted from all MIgardner seeds I am sure that helps (LOL) . Thanks for everything, from the Videos, seed, trifecta to the book. Keep up the good work Luke. I couldn’t have done it without you!

  2. joejuliamitchell

    Satisfying. Easy to read. Informative. A trifecta of perfection. For the novice “all thumbs” emerging gardener, the book is a great read and will provide much needed structure to one’s gardening hopes and mollify one’s unexpressed gardening fears. Well worth the cost.

  3. tcburns9

    Very easy to read he made it very clear on what you can do to get started and how to keep it running. Definitely recommend reading this.

  4. gaangster

    I haven’t played in the dirt in YEARS. The last garden I planted was with my children over 15 years ago. Due to the state of 2020, I decided to improve my tiny yard and to bravely try container planting. I found your videos and blog and was immediately impressed with your science based knowledge. I have definitely raised an eyebrow at some of the gardening tips I have heard over the years and I was happy to find a gardener that embraces the scientific method. You even embrace failure like a scientist! Awesome! I am not planting in the ground this year, but I wanted to be ready for next year, so I bought your book. It’s really easy to read and the visuals are great. Hopefully, when the pandemic is over, I will be back to the ol grind and will need a garden that can go on auto pilot. Thank you for having such a people and earth focused mission. I will definitely support your efforts for as long as I can.

  5. jyvetteandrews

    I truly enjoy MIgardener. I love that your videos are very informative and that you have lots of them. I love that you have seeds I can purchase that are not super pricey. Thank you so very much for all that you do both on Youtube and your store. Thank you 100 times over.

  6. gstevenjohnson

    This book has compiled all the info you need on starting and maintaining a garden (doesnt talk about plants much) without having to watch all the YouTube videos and taking notes. The videos are still worth watching though. It’s a great resource to have for beginning gardeners

  7. guyinatie

    I enjoyed the book. A very easy read with great suggestions on how to set up a garden and then put it on autopilot. I wish there was a section on irrigation but there were mentions of it. It is good advice on how he does it and why he doesn’t use other methods. I will but the main condition to good use. Thanks.

  8. kbrameart

    Why is it so difficult? No view cart or completion?

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