8 reviews for Shishito Pepper

  1. Amy

    So glad this is available. Highly prized in Korean cooking as well, My favorite pepper by far. Tastes like a hot pepper without the bite! Occasionally one will get hot, but usually sweet.

  2. kent.hoover

    One of my new favorite peppers. Delicious raw, pan seared, and it dries very well. It adopts the crispy, cracker-dryness of a cayenne. It also produces quite prolifically with very minimal attention. The fruits tend to ripen to red unevenly. So, I recommend a number of plants if you want the reddish ripeness in a larger quantity. They do hold on the plant pretty well- perhaps a full or two past full red-ripe stage. Unlike many others peppers I have had, they don’t tend to rot as easily if picked and left out prior to being able to process or cook.

    If you have room for a trial pepper this year, give this one serious consideration.

  3. starltgirl

    These plants are covered in peppers! Delicious green or red. Highly recommend.

  4. someguy43210

    I’m not a pepper person, but these are the most prolific pepper variety I ever grew. The entire plant is covered with pepper, I regret not growing more plants. If you grow a dozen of these you can get buckets load. It does help if you have moderate climate.

  5. michelle.simmons

    Prolific and pretty hot. This is my first planting this pepper. They took longer to germinate than other pepper plants, So, I kept planting more seeds (impatient). I’m glad I did. I ended up with four plants. They’re great!

  6. sotexas

    These little peppers are my favorite of all. I grew them for the first time this year and they’ll be a staple from now on. The flavor when they’re red amazed me because they have a delicate heat perfectly balanced with sweetness. I want to eat them with chocolate. I’ve read that every once in awhile a pepper will be flaming hot but I haven’t gotten one yet. THESE GROW SO EASILY!

  7. bigelowkisa

    These germinated with no problem! I have never seen my husband so excited to grow something for the garden. We decided to container grow these! I can’t wait to try them!

  8. nybesar

    I love to eat this raw or stir-fried with garlic. So delicious. There is a few spicy ones in there, but mostly not spicy. Grew well and yielded a lot of peppers.

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