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  1. Mystil

    January 2019. I don’t know why I was not expecting to receive Virginia Peanuts still in their shells, when all the seeds available at MIgardener are either organic or grown organically. Happily received enough pods for 19 seeds that were amusing to shell for easier storage in my personal seed bank. We will see how they grow for us this year in Georgia’s 8b climate, and if the shells can be used to inoculate the soil with beneficial bacterial that Trifecta+ might not provide. Yay, experiments! ~Mystil

    • Luke marion

      We do this so they arrive in one piece. In-shell peanuts means a little more protection so you don’t end up with peanut butter by the time it gets to you.

  2. purplephotokitty

    All of the seeds sprouted and went on to grow vigorous plants! Unfortunately my chickens got a hold of them. Thankfully I had 1 late starter that wasn’t under a grow light so now I have 1 protected plant. Highly recommend and the plants are very healthy and fast growing with the right conditions. I put them into my normal topsoil and they have done just fine!

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