Planting Information

We have all kinds of dormant plants for you! Did you just receive a plant and are unsure what to do with them? 

Your dormant plants will arrive as different rooted forms. 
Raspberries - Bare Root or Plug Plant
Strawberries - Bare Root
Asparagus - Bare Root Crowns
Blueberries - 1 Liter Pot
Blackberries -  Plug Plant
Rhubarb - Crown
Dahlia - Tuber
Horseradish - Bare Root Crowns
Grapes - Bare Root
Currants - Plug Plant
Gooseberries - Plug Plant

For the bare roots, crowns, and tubers, we have prepared some quick and easy videos to follow on how to plant your dormant plants below. 

For the other forms of dormant plants; plug plants or 1 liter pots, you will follow in the information on the tag provided with your plant. Cover plug plant with 1/2"-1" of soil. Water well after planting, maintain good moisture level until plants are well established of for 4-6 weeks. 


Strawberries & Raspberries