Our Roots

When I started MIgardener in 2011, I wanted to inspire others to grow a garden, live healthier lives, and have fun doing it. With the help of social media, that was all made possible! In 2014, my beautiful fiance joined me in that dream. With her career in design, she has established the creative vision for MIgardener with her amazing eye for detail. Sindy and I got married in 2015 and dedicated our full attention to working hard on building our business, growing a 100% organic garden, and achieving financial independence by opening up our very own seed store!

Today, MIgardener can be found on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. We believe gardening should be made fun and accessible to anyone of any skill level. We hope that by making this gardening information accessible, it will empower others to establish food security through home gardening. The MIgardener community now acts as a center of information, encouragement, and hope for all. Our slogan “Grow Big or Go Home” was created to help drive home our mission. We believe that when you put 100% effort into something, you will get 110% back.

– Luke Marion, founder of MIgardener

Our Mission


MIgardener strives to provide premium, free information for everyone, everywhere. Helping you grow food more efficiently, live a healthier life, and have fun doing it.

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