Wedding Trend of 2019: The Garden Wedding

by Halley -Author at MIGardener

Written by - Kaitlynn from MIgardener 

Garden themed weddings are a thing! Who knew?

From bouquets to centerpieces, people are translating their love for gardening into inspirations for their big day! Wether you're set on a vegetable theme, looking to save a couple bucks in the process, or just looking for rustic inspiration; a veggie themed wedding might be perfect for you!

As soon as we got wind of this trend at MIgardener, we knew we wanted to offer up our suggestions for what could be the most beautiful additions to all your decorating needs.

Why the sudden trend?

Wedding costs are rising... fast. In fact, costs have gone up so much that many brides are turning to home based weddings, park weddings, and other cheaper alternatives that don't break the bank. The average cost of a wedding in 1980: $10,100 compare that to just 28 years later in 2018, that price has risen to $29,200! (and to think that is only the average. Yikes.)

The average size of weddings have also gone down. Most brides in 1980 had an average of 150 guests at their wedding, compare that to 2018 where an average of only 70 guests attend the big day. Brides under the age of 30 are choosing smaller and smaller venues to save money, stress less, and enjoy their day more. They are trading glitz and glamour for minimal and tasteful.

These are the two reasons why back yard weddings are on the rise. With the garden being the centerpiece in many back yards, it is only natural to make it the focal point of the wedding. Want to get in on the trend? Here are some ideas to plan a garden themed wedding.



Why replace flowers with veggies? Every year, the cost of the average wedding decreases because of trends like this! Recently, couples have leaned towards smaller, more independently run weddings. So much that they want to grow their own bouquets! Depending on your color theme, different varieties of vegetables may work better than others. For example, these green globe artichokes are a popular choice. This is a favorite for spring weddings, the green pairs well with wildflowers and baby's breath. Artichokes mimic the look of peonies, but add a modern geometric touch to a bouquet. Plant artichokes approximately 100 days before the big day in order to harvest your own fresh from the garden.

Other varieties we like: Scarlet kale, dill, anise hyssop, and carrots.


The beauty is in the details when it comes to boutonnieres. Give a unique touch to any suit by coordinating with the arrangements of the bouquets. Simplicity and perfect placement are key, pull the arrangement together by wrapping the stems in a tender leafed lettuce. These french radishes are a beautiful choice, the red compliments the warmth of this burgundy jacket. Smaller vegetables used in boutonnieres will make guests look twice, they won't expect to see chili peppers and cherry tomatoes like this!


Centerpieces can be some of the most beautiful arrangements at a wedding. The sad part is, they're normally the first thing to go in the garbage after the big day! Instead of wasting an arrangement, consider potting bunches of herbs in a live herb centerpiece. Plant herbs like rosemary, oregano, and thyme and invite your guests to get hands on with their meal. Add a pair of scissors to the table so guests can snip off a sprig and add it to their plate. The whole room will smell like a beautiful herb garden during the meal! This can be achieved in pots of any size, wether small or large, your guests can take them home and use them in the kitchen indefinitely.

Party Favors

In addition to an herb garden centerpiece, we also have some inspiration for a small party favor for your guests! There's no need to spend a fortune. Throw together mini garden kits for each guest and set them next to the sign in table* to be taken home afterwards.

As they go, your guest can leave the wedding inspired to start a garden of their own!

D.I.Y. Mini garden kit:

Vegetable Garden

Say I do Under an edible arch

Imagine standing with the love of your life and saying your vows under an arbor of pole beans, cucumbers, or even grapes. Not into vegetables? Trumpet vine, cardinal climber, and even ivy look spectacular.


In all your veggie wedding planning, make sure to have fun with it! This is your day. By adding your own personal touch, any wedding theme should be an expression of who you and your spouse-to-be are together. What's your favorite thing about wedding planning? Are you inspired by the suggestions in this post? Let us know.


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