The Best Pruning Tips For Improving Plant Health

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Don't overlook pruning! Pruning is often sidelined by beginners, but professional gardeners have perfected it with years of practice. Beginners might be worried about killing their plants, but pruning is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and strong. These pruning tips will open up your plants to air and light, which prevent rotting. It directs the plant's energy to flower and fruit production. There are a few different techniques, times of the year, and tools that can be used for pruning.

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Different pruning techniques will show different results in the garden. There are two types of cuts when it comes to pruning. A heading cut is when you remove a portion of the branch or leaf. This results in a bushlike growth pattern. A thinning cut opens up the plant by removing entire branches at the base of the main stem or trunk. Cutting back the plant is a technique uses in seasonal pruning and is only necessary when prepping your plants for winter.




Pruning depends on the plant. Many perennial plants like trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs should be pruned seasonally, or "cut back". Seasonal pruning means pruning only happens in the spring or fall to prepare for the growing season. Growing season maintenance occurs to maintain the shape and health of a plant during the growing season. It encourages healthy growth for the plant. It also slows and prevents disease. When you cut off damaged or diseased leaves and branches, it can prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of a healthy plant.




Investing in quality tools is always a good idea in the garden, but especially when it comes to pruning tools. These tools can be passed down to the next generation if they are maintained and cared for well. Keep a sharpener on hand for tools like bypass hand pruners, loppers, handsaws, and scissors. Sure, for things like herbs, your hands will suffice. However, when it comes to flowers, tomato plants, and fruit trees your tools will become your best friends.

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