Common Container Gardening Issues & Their Solutions

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Container gardening is the perfect go-to for beginner and veteran gardeners alike. Every form of gardening from the container raised bed, or in-ground has its own set of common issues. For beginners especially, container gardening is the perfect place to learn. Today we will be discussing the three main types of container gardening problems and their solutions.

Overdoing It

If your plants are spindly, unproductive, or yellowing from the ground up, chances are you are paying too much attention to them! This is very common because the container gardens are placed in easy access places where they have your full attention. However, this easy access normally leads to excessive watering and fertilizing. Plants will bolt form nitrogen overload. The cell membranes of your plants will burst with overwatering and cause leaves to be limp and yellow. Giving your plants a regular feeding and watering schedule will help immensely. Also, insuring your pots have proper drainage will avoid issues that come with overwatering.

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Right Plant, Right Place

You might have a style in mind when organizing your container garden. However, if you place varieties in the wrong spot it could lead to sun and temperature damage. Especially for apartment gardens, planting near a brick or concrete wall creates a microclimate. A microclimate happens when the heat of the day is increased from 10-20 degrees because of the warmth the wall adds. This is vital to take into consideration when placing plants. The great thing about this gardening style is if something isn't in the right place, you can pick it up and move it!

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Container Spacing

Depending on the variety, multiple plants can fit into a container. The only time this can become a problem is when pruning is avoided and plants become overgrown in their pots. Potted plants can become ideal conditions for disease and pests. Airflow is very difficult to have without regular pruning. Additionally, fungal diseases spread much faster without aeration. Especially plant to plant in closely packed planters. Insects will have an easier time spreading. If they don't have easy access to other plants, insects will move much slower around the garden. Pruning is the best kind of attention to give your container garden.

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