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Written by - Kaitlynn from MIgardener 

At different times of the gardening season, it's important to give your plants the nutrients they need to flourish. With soil testing, ph levels, soil building, and plant growth to worry about, finding the right fertilizers can quickly turn into a struggle. Before you know it, you have an overflowing collection of products and a meticulous scheduling system that you can only hope to follow correctly in order to see positive results from your garden.

If only it could be simple. That is why we made Trifecta+. So it can be!

What is Trifecta+?

Made for gardeners, by gardeners; Trifecta+ is an all-purpose soil supercharger that can be used at any time of the growing season. Trifecta+ is rich with fast and slow release nutrients in addition to beneficial bacteria, fungi, and over 50 trace minerals. The combined power of slow release nutrients and trace minerals mixed with readily plant available ingredients will give your plants a visible boost right away and will continue to feed long into the season when plants need nutrients most.

No filler! Trifecta+ contains no filler which cheapens the mix and causes you to pay for things that won't benefit you. Sand is a popular filler and we just don't believe this is ethical. Since the very beginning we wanted to create something that would benefit our garden, and so we hand mix every batch to ensure the quality and consistency that we would expect to put in our gardens.

The beneficial bacteria and fungi in Trifecta+ colonize soil first, and as a result feeds the plant. Think of beneficial bacteria like a probiotic for your soil. It builds up the immune system and fights off harmful bacteria. The added beneficial bacteria create the ideal ecosystem for growing.


It's hard to find fertilizers that have beneficial fungi as a component. Considering that beneficial fungi have been vital for growing since the dawn of time, this is surprising information. They account for over 80% of the nutrients your plants use for growth. The fungi in trifecta+ builds a symbiotic relationship with your plant, meaning they work to keep each other alive! As the fungi feed off of the carbon and sugars provided by the plants photosynthesis, the fungi makes surrounding nutrients plant available.

Trifecta+ is rich in calcium meaning it works to strengthen the structure of roots, flowers, fruit, and leaves. Calcium is good for your bones, but since plants do not have bones they rely on a cell wall for support. Calcium is the key component in stengthening the cell wall. This means your leaves will be thicker to avoid pest and disease damage, fruits will be thicker to stay juicier and crack less, the roots will be more robust meaning more water and nutrients can be absorbed, and the plant will be sturdier meaning it will handle high winds and adverse weather conditions with ease.

Last but not least, Trifecta+ is a ph neutral fertilizer. It will not disrupt the ph levels in your soil, but instead will adapt to it's surroundings. This makes it possible to feed your crops without worrying about disrupting their environment.

Fast facts:

  • Increases root mass
  • Contains over 50 trace minerals
  • Benefits all crops, edible and non-edible
  • BPA free + resealable bag
  • High Calcium content creates hardier plants
  • Old Youtube videos show old  NPK labels 10-13-12 that have been changed to New Labels 5-10-4  to comply with labeling standards. Still the same mix inside. 

How to use:

While most fertilizers are made for specific varieties, this soil supercharger can be used on any plant in the garden.

With existing plants: sprinkle the suggested amount of trifecta around the surface surrounding the plant and gently rake into the soil, avoid raking vigorously to prevent damaging roots. Water generously after raking to allow nutrients to travel down.


With new plants: after digging the hole where you want your plant, mix trifecta into the middle of the soil where the roots will sit. Plant as usual and water regularly. For shallow rooted plants, sprinkle and thoroughly rake trifecta into the soil before planting.



Trifecta+ only needs to be added once a year, but can be added again if desired. Click here for our complete Trifecta+ application guide. Trifecta+ is available in store and online at MIgardener in 3lb, 6lb, or 15lb bulk bags. If you have any questions about Trifecta+, contact MIgardener or checkout our youtube @MIgardener.



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