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The Difference Between GMO, Hybrid, Organic, and Heirloom Seeds

There is a lot of concern about where our food is coming from, and now where our seeds are coming from. How can we feel safe in our own gardens with so many people shouting out hit words like GMO-free seed, and hybrid seed, F1 hybrid, Organic seed, Heirloom Organic seed, and many other terms […]
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Use Egg Shells and Coffee Grounds In The Garden To Maximize Success & Minimize Waste

Eggshells – The egg shell. I like to think of it as the unsung hero of the garden. Every year we throw out thousands of egg shells, and those shells go right into the land fill where they set and contribute nothing to society but build up the ever growing pile of trash. Let’s change that! […]
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Picking the Right Seeds For Your Location To Maximize Success

Choosing seed might seem like an easy thing to do, but the difference it makes to having a successful garden is everything. In this blog post we will discuss the importance of selecting the right seed and how to determine what seed is good for your region.  1. USDA Zone Hardiness – This is a […]

Different Gardening Methods and The Pros and Cons of Each

After realizing where you want to plant your garden, which we covered last week on how to design your garden..naturally it is important to explore what method you would like to apply to your garden. Luke and I created a chart that weighs out the pros and cons of many popular gardening methods. What we […]
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How To Design Your Garden

Mrs. MIgardener here!  We are excited to share with you a series of blogs to help you create the garden you have been dreaming of. I look forward to share our growing tips, share our stories and lessons from the garden. Gardening is something that has always brought us together. Before we drop a seed […]
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10 Gardening Myths Better Off Buried Never To Be Seen Again

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Sauerkraut – The Step by Step Beginner Guide Into The World Of Fermented Foods (With Pictures)

With harvesting being at peak season and plenty growing BIG, there is inevitably the question of, “What will I do with all this harvest!?” There are plenty of ways to preserving the life of that precious produce that you worked so hard to grow! One easy and super healthy way to preserve is to FERMENT! […]

How To Have a Weed Free Garden With No Work!

How To Have a Weed-Free Garden With No Work! Have you ever thought of a weed free garden and thought to yourself,  “impossible!“. Well think those thoughts no more. Hundreds of thousands of gardens go left and neglected because gardeners get discouraged by weeds. What I am going to explain in this blog post just […]
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5 Weeds That are Actually Superfoods

A weed is only classified as an unwanted plant. The weed killer industry has made a fortune by making these plants out to be bad by calling them “invasive” “overtaking” and a “nuisance”. The typical person walks by, or even ON thousands of these “weeds” every year! If only they knew the nutrient capabilities they […]
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Complete Trifecta+ Application Guide

In this guide we will cover the majority of plants you may be needing to fertilize. If there is something not listed then simply look for plants of similar association.  PLANT  Amount per plant  number of feedings / season  Asparagus  1/4 cup  2 (early spring, late fall)  Artichoke  1/4 cup  1  Basil 3 Tbs.  1 […]
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5 Simple Ingredients to Fix Poor Draining Soil

Ways to Increase drainage in heavy and poor draining soil Soil needs to drain; when soil doesn’t drain there can be big problems in your garden, and can negatively impact the health of your plants. Some problems include runoff, which is when soil becomes compacted and water cannot penetrate the soil causing nutrients and precious […]
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Seed Store Featuring .99 Heirloom Seed!

Everyone always asks me where the best place to buy vegetable seed is. My answer: of course! was our way of saying, “We are gardeners, and we know what gardeners want”. We were tired of shopping on sites that had thousands of varieties of seed since it was overwhelming! We also were tired […]
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Clean Your Mouth and Home for Free Using Thyme!

Using Thyme to Clean Your Teeth and Your Home This is NOT a substitute for brushing our teeth and we actually advise brushing your teeth in combination with this super simple garden life hack. Take a teaspoon full of fresh thyme leaves and chew them thoroughly. Spitting out after chewing for 1 minute is suggested as […]
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Complete Guide to Composting

Compost is vital for the garden. It provides nutrients, gives good texture, fixes poor soil, retains water, buffers pH, and provides a home for billions and trillions of beneficial microbes and Fungi. Compost is a bit of an art, and it is certainly not something you can rush. The best soils on earth have taken […]
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Why are bees not pollinating my Urban Garden?

This is a question I get a lot on the MIgardener YouTube page. I get asked, “Why are my plants in my patio (or rooftop) garden not attracting any honeybees?” The answer is simple. Honeybees are opportunistic creatures. They go for patches of flowers. When we grow a garden, we make sure to plant a minimum of 10 plants of the […]
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3 Essential Oils To Protect your ENTIRE Garden

EASY Essential Oil Pest Deterrent  Everyone knows that to have an organic garden you are making a sacrifice for beautiful pest free garden in exchange for higher quality, healthier vegetables. This was the common thought until I discovered this super simple spray that is safe, cheap, quick, and most of all EFFECTIVE. This recipe is […]
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How to Test Your Soil Simply and for Free in Minutes!

Testing soil can be time consuming and expensive! Often times as gardeners we send in a soil sample to try and find out the quality of the soil, what the pH is, and what nutrients can be found. For a beginning gardener, this information is extremely valuable to know, and can truly mean the difference […]
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Benefits to Screening Compost and Potting Soil

Before planting, make sure your potting soil has been sifted or screened. Often times twigs, clods of dirt, and small rocks can be found in potting soil. This can damage root growth. The finer the potting soil the better, I always screen my potting mix with a 1/6 inch mesh screen to ensure the softest, fluffiest, cleanest medium […]
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Growing Guides For Growing Perfect Organic Vegetables

How to Grow Lettuce Spacing – 6 inches between plants Preferred NPK – 5-3-4 Optimal temperature – 50-65 *F Soil pH – 6.0-7.0 Soil type – Sandy loam Exposure – Partial/ full sun (5-7 hours) Planting method – Direct sow OR Start indoors 3 weeks before last frost Patio friendly: YES Video Growing Guide How […]
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Diversity Is The Best Organic Pest Control

Kind of seems like a weird concept to think about, but it is true. The diversity of a garden has scientifically been proven to be the best control method for garden pests. There is no need for even organic pesticides with this method, it is just letting nature do what is does best. So HOW […]

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