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4 Great Organic Sources Of Nitrogen Found in Every Home

  4 Great Organic Sources of nitrogen for the garden  

1. Grass clippings – When composted, grass contains about 3% nitrogen by weight

2. Coffee grounds – Used fresh or composted, coffee grounds contain about 5% nitrogen by weight

3. Manure – Rabbit, cow, horse, goat, sheep, and chicken manure are VERY high in nitrogen and can be anywhere from 4% up to 9% nitrogen by weight. 

4. Human urine – As gross as it may seem human urine is an extremely reliable form of nitrogen, and also contains other beneficial trace minerals that help plant growth. Urine can contain roughly about 5% nitrogen by weight. The urine should be diluted 5 parts water to 1 part urine to prevent burning. 

– See more at: http://migardener.com/role-nitrogen-garden/#sthash.QmuQRBAX.dpuf


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