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How to Prune Your Arborvitaes Like a Pro!

We Are Doing WHAT?!?

Starting Seeds Earlier Isn't Always Better - *why we haven't started anything yet*

PROOF You Can Grow Coffee In Michigan!

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This Weird Tool Will Change How You Measure Diameter Forever

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The Snow Finally Melted and We Found Something AMAZING!

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Indoor Square Foot Garden Week 5 Update *AMAZING*

How and Why to Stratify Seeds - What is it & What Seeds Need It?

MIshort - When and Where Your Trees Will Set Fruit (home orcharding tip)

Everything You Know About "Required" Soil Depth is WRONG.

Answering Your Gardening Questions Live🔴

Week 3 Indoor Square Foot Garden Update

What Does A $2.5 Million Dollar Garden Get You?

5 Types of Vegetables You should NEVER Start Indoors EVER!

The 3 Requirements for Successful High Intensity Gardening

Days till Maturity vs. Days Till Harvest Explained

Common Reasons Your Seeds Are Not Germinating

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