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It’s a Grow Room Update!

Starting Our Spring and Cold Weather Vegetables

The Science Behind Why Plants Grow UP and Roots Grow DOWN

Thinning Seedlings For Best Success

Is My Soil DEAD?

Why Did I Start Gardening?

Clean With Me - The Garden and Yard are a MESS!

Why is Compost The Perfect Growing Medium? Levi Explains | S2:E8 | MIgardener

FINALLY! We Are Starting Tomatoes for This Year’s Garden

Why Do Onions Make You Cry - Levi Explains | S2:E7 | MIgardener

Starting Over 500 Varieties of Vegetables

The Difference Between Herbs & Spices - Levi Explains | S2:E6 | MIgardener

Everything A Beginner Needs to Know About Grow Lights

Spring is Coming! - What is Coming to the Garden and The Channel?

A Sunflower is not actually "A" flower - Levi explains | S2:E5 | MIgardener

5 Ways To Hand Pollinate Tomatoes for Great Success!

Troubleshooting Microgreens - 5 Common Issues With Simple Solutions

There Are No True Blue Flowers in Nature? WHY? Levi Explains | S2:E4 | MIgardener

The BOOK is Here!! Should we open it together?

How Do Roots Know Where to Grow? Levi Explains | S2:E3 | MIgardener

How to Trellis Tomatoes with Only a String and Plastic Clips

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