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Vermont to Require GMO Labeling

Vermont to Require GMO Labeling

Yesterday, the Vermont House of Representatives passed a rather iconic bill that will make it the first state in the U.S. to require food makers to label products containing genetically engineered crops. Governor Peter Shumlin says he plans to sign the bill.

Other states have similar legislation in progress. And while Connecticut and Maine have already passed labeling legislation,According to the Grist, theirs won’t go into effect unless multiple other states adopt similar stances (thus, shielding them from lawsuits). Vermont’s will go into effect in July 2016 and applies to both packaged food and fresh produce.

Meanwhile, at the federal level,a bill has been introduced in the House that would prohibit mandatory GMO labeling, such as the Vermont bill.

For those who grow produce, it’s a story to follow. For better or for worse, it seems both sides want the labeling issue to stand for bigger issues of sustainability and corporate interests. We’re seeing more and more greenhouse produce growers labeling their products as non-GMO, even though, for instance, there are currently no genetically engineered tomatoes on the market.


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