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A Beginner’s Guide to Trifecta+

Written by – Kaitlynn from MIgardener  At different times of the gardening season, it’s important to give your plants the nutrients they need to flourish. With soil testing, ph levels, soil building, and plant growth to worry about, finding the right fertilizers can quickly turn into a struggle. Before you know it, you have an […]
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How To Grow: Perfect Organic Lettuce

Written by – Kaitlynn from MIgardener Spring is coming! This is the perfect time of year to brush up on your knowledge of growing techniques. Here at MIgardener, we want to share all of our favorite growing secrets; from our garden to yours. As you read through this series of growing guides, you’ll find there […]
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Complete Trifecta+ Application Guide

In this guide we will cover the majority of plants you may be needing to fertilize. If there is something not listed then simply look for plants of similar association.  PLANT  Amount per plant  number of feedings / season  Asparagus  1/4 cup  2 (early spring, late fall)  Artichoke  1/4 cup  1  Basil 3 Tbs.  1 […]