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Find The Best Time To Plant For Springtime – Complete Seed Starting Guide

Written by – Kaitlynn from MIgardener You have finished mapping out your garden for this year, but now it’s time to figure out when to start your seeds. Finding the perfect time to start seeds might be intimidating for beginners. But a word of advice from the experts; starting seeds indoors is a complete luxury […]
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Here’s the Difference Between Herbs and Spices

Written by – Kaitlynn from MIgardener  Maybe you’ve never stopped to consider the difference. We tend not to question fairly obvious things in life to begin with. However, now that I’ve brought it up; do you actually know what makes an herb an herb or what makes a spice a spice? The answer is simple: […]
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The Difference Between GMO, Hybrid, Organic, and Heirloom Seeds

There is a lot of concern about where our food is coming from, and now where our seeds are coming from. How can we feel safe in our own gardens with so many people shouting out hit words like GMO-free seed, and hybrid seed, F1 hybrid, Organic seed, Heirloom Organic seed, and many other terms […]
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Picking the Right Seeds For Your Location To Maximize Success

Choosing seed might seem like an easy thing to do, but the difference it makes to having a successful garden is everything. In this blog post we will discuss the importance of selecting the right seed and how to determine what seed is good for your region.  1. USDA Zone Hardiness – This is a […]
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Seed Store Featuring .99 Heirloom Seed!

Everyone always asks me where the best place to buy vegetable seed is. My answer: of course! was our way of saying, “We are gardeners, and we know what gardeners want”. We were tired of shopping on sites that had thousands of varieties of seed since it was overwhelming! We also were tired […]
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.99 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds For Sale

      .99 Heirloom Vetatable Seeds For Sale       I set out so find a way to provide gardeners with the neccessary things to grow more food at home. I Just recently began carrying seeds on my store at I wanted to carry not only MORE seed, but I wanted to […]