4 reviews for Fiskars Micro-tip Snips

  1. snick4zoo

    I love these snips. Perfect for tomato and flower pruning. I broke one once last year when I stupidly tried to use them to harvest an eggplant…. my mistake.

  2. C. Pennington

    I have their I call them kitchen shears. Four year’s now,, quality costs more so I saved for them. Nevertheless glad I did.

  3. Linda Tamagni

    I love these. They are the best when you need to snip something thin and delicate. They are very sharp and make a nice clean cut.

  4. taylorkdorcas

    I like these snips for smaller and more precise pruning jobs, like trimming herbs snipping off tiny blossoms that have started to form too early on my seed starts. I also love that they have a blade protector. The only problem, which might be specific to the item I received, is that the cutting motion is not smooth. The hinge seem to catch on some part of the plastic handle, which makes them harder to use. I think the blades themselves are excellent, but the light plastic body that catches tends to make these a bit frustrating at times.

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