2 reviews for Dramm 1000 Water Breaker™ Seed Starting Nozzle

  1. taylorkdorcas

    What a lovely water breaker! Durable and lightweight. This in combo with the dramm shutoff valve is perfect for more controlled watering of seed starts.

  2. catsgonewild277

    I LOVE this hose attachment!!! I have tried another one from dramm the wand from a garden center, but it always knocked over my plants when I watered, this one is so gentle on new seedlings that just sprouted and it is perfect for not washing seeds out of place after direct sowing outdoors. This has been the best purchase I have got in the garden in a while, it is totally worth the money, buy it with the on/off valve, together they make watering a breeze and a Joy!! Thank you for stocking this product, it is a game changer!!!

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