9 reviews for Mystery Seed Packet

  1. colby07

    This was amazing this MYSTERY plant has produced three waves of food I will save seeds and plant again and again!

  2. desiraemonique

    Kids had a really great time with these. Purchased three packs total and each were a different plant, had some great seeds I wouldn’t have purchased otherwise. All were quick growing too, which was a plus!

  3. scenestra

    Mystery is good, I do wish the packet had some basic info (when to plant and sun requirements at least) but still fun!!

  4. ourlife767

    awesome, thanks

  5. kcottenmyre

    I thought I was ordering a packet like “surprise” you get “blah-bla-blah”, but nope, this is a MYSTERY. A blank packet with actual mystery seeds inside 😀 #growsomething @backyard_tomato

  6. leahmhal96

    I love the mystery I have sprouted all of the packets I got and I’m coming back for more. I had so much fun guessing what the seeds were before I planted them. I’m excited to know what varieties when some of them fruit!!!!!

  7. hjhumphrey17

    These are super fun. I was only able to say *for sure* what type of plant one of the five packets I bought was. The ones I identified are definitely peppers and my mystery peppers look amazing right now. Given how well and quickly they germinated they are probably aren’t hotter than a poblano, and that’s fine by me!

  8. justineoliverosjco

    It’s a mystery indeed. The plant is growing beautifully but I still don’t know what it is. The suspense is killing me lol. Can’t wait to order more mystery seeds

  9. ashlyn_61

    I bought this on a whim and am SO glad I did!! I knew they were tomatoes, but still unsure what type. I would love if there was a way to find out but I’m making sure to save these seeds so I can grow them every year! I grew my all of my tomatoes in 10G pots and with the heat this year, they dried out a lot and I was hit HARD by BER. But this mystery tomato recovered quite quickly compared to my others, and I got quite a few small but very tasty tomatoes from it! Ordered two more sets, so excited!

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