10 reviews for Mini Pink Popcorn

  1. ericaelizabeth91

    The germination rate was spectacular. Every single one came up. The kernels are the prettiest pink, so I’m looking forward to the end of season result.

  2. lyonsashley267

    stunning and great germination

  3. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  4. evno3000

    These are great!

  5. scenestra

    Great germination, did well in less than perfect conditions, hint plant beans a few weeks after the corn not at the same time, your corn will get light deprived. And the ears are adorable

  6. tcburns9

    They all came up but forgot to plant them which I’m bummed about but that’s all user error. Can’t wait to try again this year.

  7. ourlife767

    Very pretty kennels

  8. ourlife767


  9. evno3000

    I Love Migardener seeds!

  10. andrewcaiazzo2015

    Really good germination and beautiful color. Can’t wait to pop it!

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