5 reviews for Mexico Midget Tomato

  1. bpgunter

    These are fun my niece loves to go outside and pick them off the bush. Nice dark red little baby tomatoes that explode juicy tomato flavor when you pop em in your mouth. It says indeterminate but mine have all started to die off after their first big flush. Easy to grow, easy to pick, and big flavor. Probably 50-75 little tomatoes per plant so not a huge producer considering the size of the tomatoes, but a great beginner tomato no pruning no staking.

  2. lyonsashley267

    prolific, tasty, and affordable!

  3. ashleeboivin802

    I dont know if its user error or what. These guys just dont grow well for me. I am in FL. Very hot/humid. Maybe thats it. I tried starting more seeds and they’ve been the same size for almost a month. Not sure what im doing wrong, but these might not have much time left in the garden where im at. 10a

  4. superwoman83

    We had great success with these, great germination rate, fast growing plants, very prolific. We saved seeds for this year because we loved them so much. They are tiny, but so tasty and always growing.

  5. ourlife767

    good producer

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