9 reviews for Marvel of 4 Seasons Lettuce

  1. kawaiitatobutt

    Only about 30 of them germinated and right after they sprouted they died so I don’t know if I did something wrong or the seeds just weren’t great i mean they sprouted and seemed to be doing well then I came back the next morning and they were dead

  2. cecillegagne27

    I live in Ottawa, Canada. This germinated very well for me and grew very well in my garden even in the heat of summer in the shade. My bunnies seem to really enjoy this lettuce.

  3. olsonkaylynn1

    great germination I started about 10 of mine and 100% germination I hope it’s not still hot for them but hoping for great yields.

  4. lyonsashley267

    Tasty and one of my favorites

  5. wgroux

    My first year doing lettuce from seed. 2 plantings. This was my favorite.
    Still harvesting this and a few from MIG as of 12/3 !!
    Part of 4×4 raised bed with hinged hoop covered with lite row cover, until today – installed double hoops with greenhouse plastic. We’ll see how far it can go.
    SW VA zone 6B.

  6. scenestra

    A good basic lettuce, relatively easy to grow and workhorse in the garden.

  7. evanrahaman

    10/10 will grow again

  8. colby07

    This is my absolute favorite lettuce it is so sweet and good the only down fall is that it is not as cold tolerant as other lettuce but will always be in my garden.

  9. ourlife767

    love the flavor

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