5 reviews for Ha’Ogen Melon

  1. sap88

    These seeds did so much better than my Ha’Ogen seeds from Baker Creek. They germinated wonderfully and the plant is doing great. I have not eaten a melon yet so I can’t comment on the flavor yet.

  2. deannazweifel

    This is the first melon I’ve grown that I’ve actually gotten to eat. Grew well. Excellent taste! 2nd melon was damaged by pests. Hoping my third makes it! Even my mother, who doesn’t like these types of melons, said it tasted good.

  3. lyonsashley267

    Sweet and delicious!

  4. wyeventer

    Great germination and a heavy producer. I had tons of melons and shared them with many friends who were astounded with their taste. Will definitely have these in my garden again!

  5. ourlife767

    good producer, great germination

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