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  1. sarahkosloski

    I started these seeds indoors in March and the plants are doing wonderfully. I didn’t have any ripe tomatoes until August, but they are impressively large and great in tomatoes sauce. The plants reached a good height and are continuing to produce more tomatoes, so I expect I’ll be harvesting for a while yet!

  2. chrisashleyweston

    I started these indoors and moved them to our beds in mid May. They grew great and were much larger than expected. Great sauce tomato and plan to grow them again.

  3. creativetouch

    Started seeds indoor, they were slow to grow comparing to other varieties, but once transplanted outdoors in a garden, they took off, and produced well into a late fall. Large, very little seeds, great for eating or canning. Will plant them next spring.

  4. kempisty

    Like other folks, started early indoors, all germinated but seemed slow to grow. Once transplanted outdoors they began to take off! Very prolific crop all the way to the first hard frost. Very meaty and few seeds, perfect for sauce and salsa. Good eating in salads too! Got several individuals that were over half pound each.

  5. evanrahaman

    Cool looking tomato

  6. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  7. ilovebugs08

    Good paste tomato. Had some tendency to get blossom end rot, which can be remedied by consistent watering

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