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  1. cecillegagne27

    I live in Ottawa, Canada. This was my first time growing Egyptian spinash. It did not do very well in my garden. I had it in two different spots in my garden both full sun. They were very lanky and did not produce alot of leaves. This might be partly my fault. I will have to try again next year. From doing a bit of research it seems you are suppose to harvest the leaves by pinching the top leaves like you would with basil, where I was harvesting the bottom leaves like you would kale. I think I would also need to start it earlier as well as it only grew 2 feet high. I did have it in my garden for more than 60 days so the days of maturity is more than advertised. Another thing I noticed is that Japanese beetles like the leaves of this plant so probably best not to have it near grapes or beans which is where the beetles hang out in my garden.

  2. blueagainlikemorning

    Definitely a new experience for me! Grew well, even in a pot – it ended up about 3 feet high even though I planted very late! It’s definitely not a salad green, I tried it raw and it wasn’t great; but it cooks up nicely and is a great summer alternative to spinach in cooked dishes!

  3. ilovebugs08

    Tastes like spinach when cooked. Need to harvest growing tip in order to produce bushy side growth. A little slow to get started but takes off once hot weather arrives

  4. scenestra

    When they say it taste like spinach they are not kidding, and dehydrating it makes it even more spinach flavored. Warning if you dehydrate remove the center vein from the leaf if not before dehydrating at least before eating it is pretty much inedible after being dyed

  5. ourlife767

    it tastes like a good spinach.

  6. blueagainlikemorning

    This grew well even with a good deal of neglect in zone 7a NJ. The leaves taste very very bitter raw!! When cooked, the bitterness goes away for some, but not all people. My partner still couldn’t eat them, even cooked.

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