22 reviews for Champagne Bubbles Tomato (RARE)

  1. mrankin75

    These have produced really well! Always ripe ones waiting. I haven’t had any trouble with splitting or anything. I have had a major problem with early blight though unfortunately. This is actually my first year gardening so don’t go on my word alone but while these are still making lots of cute, very little tomatoes I’ve ended up pruning most of the leaves off these plants to try and stop it from spreading. These will be pulled so I can try a growing another cherry variety before the end of our long growing season. Definitely sweeter than your average cherry tomato!

  2. ptullock2

    The production has been good so far. The flavor is good but not as sweet as expected. I made a mistake and let some get red and are still delicious and last longer than when yellow. Not sure if I will grow these next year, but will be put in a rotation at some point.

  3. Jessica

    My new favorite cherry sized tomato. Skin is thick enough to get a snap but still eat well. All of mine had a almost effervescent tang to them. None of them made it to the house as my family and I ate them straight off the plants. This is made it on my must grow again list. Thanks!

  4. wpb-home

    These Champagne Bubbles were the surprise of the year for me. The plants started slower than any of the other cherries I grew this year, but then they took off and crowded out the plants on both sides of them. The best part, they are the best tasting cherry I have ever grown…and I have been at this for almost 40 years. Thin skinned and excellent sweet flavor they are the candy in the garden – even better than the super sweet 100. They will be a permanent addition to the garden.

  5. daniellequiggins

    Gardening in the southeast, zone 7b/8a. Germination was very slow but once I planted the starts they grew like crazy! Handles the southern heat like a champ. Surprisingly susceptible to early blight but with regular pruning they were fine. Harvested my first handful 41 days after transplanting and between just 2 plants the yield was almost too much. Sweet flavor with slight savory aftertaste. Not my favorite but my 3 year old ate them by the handful straight off the plants! I will plant one for her next season.

  6. peachypeachster

    Garden candy…
    Tried several tomato varieties this year in the quest to find a favorite. I grew this in a pot. Prolific, it was the first to produce and is still producing, just snacked on a bunch in the yard earlier today. They were much sweeter in the summer, a little more tart right now. I plan on growing this every year.

  7. ashleyhornbaker

    These were very interesting to grow and were very sweet. Oddly sweet. Mild tomato flavor, but a soft sweetness. I don’t consider this a bad thing, I just didn’t know how to place it with other foods because it tastes so un-like a tomato. The negative is that they were very thinned-skin. If you pick them before the stem, they almost always split and tear. Prolific. These did well for me, although they were a little slower than other cherries. But most notably – SWEET.

  8. lyonsashley267

    absolutely stunning!

  9. ms.robinson.math

    I grew 30 varieties of cherry tomatoes this year. These have a sweet, yet complex flavor… delicious. They fall into the category I call “garden eating tomatoes”. They taste terrific, yet often split a bit as picked so they don’t transport or store very well. That said, they are so tasty they weren’t going to make it out of the garden without being eaten anyway.

  10. squier5800

    Very productive plants that lasted through a very dry summer. I never ate the fruit but my son/husband absolutely loved eating them off the plant while walking around the garden. Definitely will plant again.

  11. yuho

    A surprise cherry tomato that we grew this year that will have a spot in my garden every year from now on. Great flavour. Thin skin and delicate but so tasty!

  12. evanrahaman

    Tomatoes grow fast

  13. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  14. scenestra

    These things are amazing. I’m not sure what else to say

  15. bookfairy831

    I bought these seeds as a possible replacement for Burpee Super Sweet 100s. We like the flavor of the Burpee variety but the skins were always extremely tough. I was not in the least disappointed in Champagne Bubbles. The skins were tender and the flavor was nice and sweet. My husband is still raving about them and it’s now the middle of winter. They ripened a bit late but our weather was strange in 2020 so that might not have been the variety norm. We are definitely keeping them in our line up.

  16. ourlife767

    Starts slow but then takes over

  17. kdkeeton

    Great production and the sweetest tomato I’ve ever eat!

  18. ashleeboivin802

    Love these! They did take a little longer to germinate but once up they take off. Haven’t gotten any fruit yet but I’ll update later in regards to taste/flavor. So far so good

  19. evno3000

    These were great!

  20. rose.mcnaughton

    Delicate, finicky, blight-y, but worth it.

    Zone 8b. Sewn in cells in early March, transplanted early May. These live up to their name of “champagne bubbles”, as the fruits themselves have a heady, sweet-tart, earthy, thoroughly champagne-like flavor profile – and they are just as delicate as the bubbles rising to the top of a champagne flute, frequently splitting when picked. The exceptionally tasty fruit is worth all the issues I’ve had with the vines themselves: they’ve one of two varieties I planted this year that are already losing leaves to blight despite aggressive pruning and preventative practices; the stems are delicate and grow up, up, up and away so I’ve had to get creative with my supports; and the fruit itself is almost as prone to splitting as the red pears I planted – without the sturdy skin to kind of keep them together until I get around to picking them.

    The verdict: still planting next year, but will probably isolate and take extra special care of them.

  21. maikee1900

    Love it! Very sweet. Grew well in Zone 10.

  22. aerocat4

    I first tried Champagne Bubbles last year and wasn’t blown away. This year I had several volunteers that had just a touch more sun and it was a gamechanger. The sweetest, juciest little slice of heaven that I could munch on throughout the day while I was working in the garden. Skin is so thin and each tomato just burst with such sweetness you would think you were eating candy. Small and delicate, Champagne Bubbles has won a permanent place in my garden.

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