21 reviews for Blueberry Tomato

  1. nick0168

    very poor germination hoping I can save seeds off the 2 plants I was able to get started

  2. kdiang03

    I had fantastic germination and heavy yields! Not only is the fruit beautiful but very tasty as well.

  3. aprilchisholm11

    low germination rate, but tons of yeilds

  4. rcrovets

    This is the first time we ever grew these beautifully colored and delicious (little sweet) tomatoes. Everyone loved them. They will be in our 2021 garden for sure.

  5. nire81

    Good germination. These looked rough at the start of the season (curled leaves) but they have been producing well. They seem to take a long time to ripen, but if you wait for them to turn maroon they are tasty. Everyone asks about this variety because they look so neat.

  6. olsonkaylynn1

    Great germination I only planted two incase one didn’t germinate but now I have two plants. I will pick the strongest. I can’t wait to see these tomatos so pretty thank you

  7. lyonsashley267

    Absolutely stunning

  8. swilkinson8589

    Very prolific, and they look pretty cool. The taste was a bit acidic and tart for me, but if you like acidic tomatoes – these are a sure winner!

  9. evanrahaman

    These are great. Tasted good but didn’t grow that well.

  10. evno3000

    These are great!

  11. tiffanyfaith1986

    Great producer! No problem with bugs either. I got a yellow variety from another seed company and they had little green bugs all over them.

  12. rmbarnett

    Planted this 2020 it was great, Loads of tomatoes and they knocked the socks off the kids in a pasta salad. Will always have room in my garden for these. I’m in zone 6b.

  13. ourlife767

    Very large amounts of fruits being produced. However , the germination isn’t so good

  14. ashleeboivin802

    These are good. The plants themself seem to be prone to disease. Even with that being said,these guys want to grow. The plant is beautiful and so are the fruits. Cant wait to taste them

  15. katressler115

    Great producer, excellent taste. Will definitely grow again!

  16. nicolasdesfosses

    Superbes tomates qui virent au violacée au contact du soleil. Très bon goût, simplement un peu déçu de n’avoir pu mettre la main dessus pour la nouvelle saison

  17. evno3000

    These were great!

  18. zysiree

    A pesar de ser pocas semillas su tasa de germinacion es muy alta 10/10 totalmente recomendable

  19. lamoureux.6697

    Very prolific plant. Covered with flowers and cherry tomatoes. Hope to eat one soon

  20. jamiewoytasik

    This is my first year growing them. Great production and no disease issues. I have another variety mixed that is plagued by blossom end rot. Not a single one of these have that issue. word of caution, wait until all of the green is gone before eating.

  21. melissa.krat

    Adorable. Prolific. Unique. Diease resistant. Will grow again. I hope they come back in stock for next year!

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