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  1. ourlife767

    received this packages of seeds from my cousin who had placed an order. I had no problems with germination and this has been good to pick a few pieces every now and then to add to my salad. Ever since my cousin gave me this pack of seeds I have been pleased to the point I have placed my own orders!

  2. indian20123

    Delicious, I’m in south Florida. I got these babies in a decently shaded spot under a oak that gets about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight. I haven’t seen/eaten better spinach in my life.

  3. bladeddragon

    Planted these about a month ago. Got 2 sets of leaves grow and then all of them went to seed. Did not even have a chance to start cropping these. Perhaps I have more to learn.

  4. dchamb00

    Great seeds, amazing germination!

  5. lyonsashley267

    Tasty and heat tolerant!

  6. neorobertson

    Tender and delicious! Perfect in salads and cooking! We will be buying again.

  7. evanrahaman

    These are great!

  8. evno3000

    These are great!

  9. mwilt94

    My son loves spinach can’t wait to teach him how to garden this year

  10. ourlife767


  11. evno3000

    These were great!

  12. fauxmenno

    I have never had a problem with seeds from MIgardener germinating until these. I only had about a 50% germination rate and the seedlings were very spindly and bolted prematurely. All my other greens did fine so I don’t know why these weren’t successful, but I have had much better luck with bloomsdale long-standing spinach

  13. melissa.krat

    It grew well and tasted yummy!

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