7 reviews for Black Russian Sunflower

  1. deanjewell

    I started these inside in the beginning of April (zone 5) and they grew quickly, I transplanted them outside in the garden the first week of May and by the end of May a woodchuck had eaten every single one of them… UG, we will try again next year…

  2. bouncerdjwife

    I direct seeded my sunflowers against a fence last week with some other types of sunflowers. They are still little babies but they all popped up. They were all even planted deeper that and inch as well and they still popped easily.

  3. cecillegagne27

    I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. These I planted in peat pots as most of the ones I put in the ground were snacks to the wildlife around me. Despite being transplanted they still did well. They were smaller than expected and lanky but I did transplant them. They were still very beautiful and I will grow them next year.

  4. kalauing

    Very easy to grow. Excellent for the bees.

  5. ilukephotography

    I love that you can get such good quality for cheaper!

  6. ourlife767

    beautiful variety

  7. snehakoneru

    I sowed these seeds directly in the ground in the beginning of March in Zone 9b and most of them have germinated. I can’t wait to see the spectacular flower.

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