8 reviews for Red Shisho

  1. Linda Tamagni

    I am having a hard time getting this to grow. I had it in my grow box for a month and only one seed sprouted. That plant is barely above soil level.

  2. Valerie Howden

    Not sure why but my seedlings died early on. Will try again for fall planting to avoid hot weather.

  3. Linda Tamagni

    I have tried numerous times to grow this. I have tried starting inside and direct seeding outside. Either one or two seeds sprout and die or no seeds sprout.

  4. Luke marion

    Love it!!!

  5. reydeldragon

    I have tried 2 years straight. With very low germination one or 2 plants out of 20.then they die. Hoping year 3 will produce better going to coddle these indoor as well as direct sowing outdoors. Going to see if I get any better results

  6. lindseyallison1982

    Beautiful and delicious ..will try from more this year 🙂

  7. ourlife767


  8. lammeri

    Direct sowed them in the fall and forgot all about them until the winter snow melted and I had these beautiful red plants. Took a while for them to mature but totally worth it.

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