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  1. Andrea

    I had some variation with these. One plant was HUGE and produced a ton of tomatoes. 2 others made much smaller plants, but still produced well for their size. I am guessing the variation in plant size was either because these are heirlooms and/or my soil varies (I’m still working on improving my soil.) I had a poor tomato year generally due to the dry weather mid summer (2016). But of the tomatoes I planted, I would say these produced the most fruit. The taste is very mild and “low acid.” They are a nice change from standard cherry tomatoes.

  2. Andrea

    P.S. The name “plum” is misleading. These are the size of cherry tomatoes, NOT the size of paste tomatoes or actual plums. Luke did not name them, this is not his fault 🙂

  3. fwmilmo

    Seed was packaged professionally as any other migardner seed. Plant was very prolific. Grew over 8 feet tall. However, the fruit is very bland. These tomatoes have no flavor. I will not plant again.

  4. Davide Antonicelli

    None germinated

  5. evanrahaman

    These tomatoes are great and i love the color

  6. scenestra

    I grew these twice and was happy both times! So much fun.

  7. jaydee818

    I am rating this variety 3 out of 5 because the tomato itself, which is a small pear-shaped yellow cherry-type, is bland. It is prolific and pretty much grows like a weed. You don’t have to do much to it. Just give it water and good soil in a sunny spot and it will do its thing and give you tons of tomato. But the flavor is just blah. Very mild = blah.

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