5 reviews for Tomato – Garden Peach

  1. Tena Barke

    I’m in love with this ‘dessert’ tomato! It’s sweet and goes great in a peach salsa. *no pun intended*
    Grows and grows and grows – even into November!

  2. Linda P.

    Great little tomato! Very prolific! Sweet taste and great for eating fresh or mixing in sauces!! Loved the unusualness of this tomato!

  3. Linda Pimple

    Great tomato. Hugh plants with tons of fruit! Great for salads and eating fresh. Very unusual appearance. Produced all season clear to frost. Lots of fun!

  4. Lindsay Kalinowski

    Super fun, brings unique color to the garden. If u like sweet tomatoes, you will like this!

  5. Linda

    DELICIOUS!!! These were my favorite all season. They have such great flavor and I loved eating them on their own. They also are the perfect tomato for a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich.

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