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  1. Chris Rieker

    These are the one plant I’m really looking forward too this year. I ordered 2 packets after trying these from a friends garden last year. They are delicious.

  2. Paul Douzat

    A bowl overflowing with these black cherry tomatoes is all I want in life right now, and with the high germination rate I got from these seeds, it’s exactly what I’ll get!

  3. Tara Santiago

    This is a great little pop in your mouth cherry tomato. We start our seeds indoors and had excellent germination. Ours had a medium purple color and a wonderful taste. The 3 plants each grew to 7+ feet tall, held through a pretty gnarly wind storm in late September and were still producing in early Oct (zone 6a). I ended up brown bagging 4-5 dozen and they all ripened, I’m still eating them in early Nov

  4. zlozano1011

    I recently purchased my first MIGardener seeds. My order was received promptly. Had 100% germination in 6 days, without the help of a heating mat or grow lights. Thank you Luke, for inspiring me to grow big. I’m a novice gardener and thanks to you I decided to grow from seed for the first time. Fingers crossed!

  5. Gil

    Plants ended up very small and I’ve lost most of the fruits to BER, but the color is cool and taste is fine.

  6. Tara Santiago

    Delicious and add a pop of color to any salad bowl, they have a little two or three tone thing going on. Not as small as mini cherry tomatoes. Great flavor!!!

  7. Aaron Eads

    I could never eat a tomato raw until I tried one of these. These tomatoes are very juicy with an almost fruity taste.

  8. Zully Lozano

    This a follow up rating, Black cherry is my favorite tomato from a total of four different varieties I bought. There’s so much flavor packed into this tiny tomato, they are so sweet and delicious. They look absolutely beautiful in salads.

  9. Zully Lozano

    Black Cherry were by far the best tasting tomatoes I grew this year. The plants were huge, produced copious amounts of sweet beautiful fruit. I enjoyed them in salads, omelettes, fresh tomato sauce and snacked on them every time I walked by or worked in the garden. They are delicious and irresistible!!

  10. Thanh

    Black Cherry is healthiest tomato variety that I grow in Florida root knot nematode soil. Plant have good vigor and disease resistance. At the end of the season the vine is 15ft or longer.

  11. fwmilmo

    Tasty tomato. Grew tall and healthy. Will grow again.

  12. williamd127

    These actually grew to become Black Plum tomatoes for me; not what the label had said but delicious nonetheless.

  13. ms.fannyxie

    Prolific! The skin was thin and it’s so sweet. It also survived powdery mildew and bounced back.

  14. sys881218

    I grew these in a 5 gal grow bag and I had to top it off once it grew taller than 7ft. I single-stem all my tomatoes and these were not very prolific when single-stemmed. It was also the last of my 8 different cherry tomato varieties to ripen. I’m not sure if the fruit was fully ripe when I picked them, but it was still sweet and only slightly acidic, The plant produced uniform, pretty light-yellow 1.25-1.5 inch plump tomatoes. I will definitely grow it again next year but I will try growing it in a cage and not single-stemming to get more fruit.

  15. dearjungyvr

    I am so delighted with the taste, my favourite, plants get huge though, over 2 metres.

  16. leeannh

    Very heavy producer and the suckers will grow well into mature bearing plants too. Delicious flavor and they seem to grow well in our hot Zone 9a (South Louisiana) heat! No pests or problems either.

  17. mirandarhoten

    These were our most prolific of the smaller tomato varieties we grew this year. Delicious and full of flavor. We will definitely grow these again next year!

  18. annev7

    THE BEST CHERRY TOMATOES!! Germination was great and I ended up with 6 healthy plants, I gave two away and planted two in containers and two in my garden. The two in containers are doing well, regular size plants with typical cherry tomato sized fruits, but the two in my garden went absolutely WILD! They broke the tomato cages and trellis and are currently about 6 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. They have a ton of tomatoes that are about the size of golf balls. These taste amazing fresh and have roasted them, marinated them with basil and garlic as well as pickled them and they are wonderful anyway you have them. Oh and they are super pretty. I will definitely be growing these again next year.

  19. nappen1

    Fast growing and massive production. I am not a tomato fan, but these have become my wife and daughter’s favorite variety. Grew throughout the winter in San Antonio. As the vines would get large, I took suckers and planted new ones and managed to propagate three times, so far.

  20. sarahmframe

    Hands down the best tasting tomato in my garden, out of more than 20 tomato varieties. I absolutely love these, and they have a permanent place in my garden. Nice balance of sweet and acid, with a depth of flavor that’s outstanding. Love these for making a nice summer caprese salad. Very easy to grow and prolific – in fact it’s still producing and probably will until the frost kills it. The BEST cherry tomato, in my humble opinion.

  21. bczilok

    My favorite of all cherry type tomatoes. Heavy producer with tresses of up to 20 tomatoes! A staple in my garden.

  22. lyonsashley267

    super taste and germination

  23. jetcadrai

    2020 was a bad year for tomatoes in my area. Despite this, I still got a very respectable harvest of sweet, low-acid cherry tomatoes for snacking and salads from four plants I started in March. The flavor description is spot-on, and they are happiest and most productive when hemmed in on both sides with garlic plantings (but produce branches with about 8-10 tomatoes each without garlic nearby anyways). They seem also to be more able to outpace the destruction caused by hornworms compared to other tomato varieties and recover faster–their foliage growth is very fast as you might expect from an indeterminate cherry. I was actually surprised by these since they held up to recent first frosts somewhat just like Purple Russian tomatoes, and there is one in a five gallon container actually still hanging on finishing ripening one last little tomato even into November. If you have a lot of vertical space these guys climb wonderfully and provide a lot of fresh tomatoes. The only reason this isn’t a perfect five-star review is the packet I received had a lower than expected germination rate at about 60%, when usually Migardener seeds have somewhere in the 75 to 90% range.

  24. jdydance

    Mine weren’t nearly as dark as the picture but still pretty. The taste was great! I think they were my favorite this year and will definitely grow again!

  25. swilkinson8589

    These tomatoes are super prolific and super delicious! I will grow them every year from now on.

  26. kimhensley0

    If there were six stars I would give it to this cherry! One of my absolute favorite tomatoes and my favorite cherry of 2020! Super prolific in clusters of 10-12 large cherries. Low acidity and smooth flavor. These hardly made it into the house!

  27. scenestra

    I was so happy with these! Good healthy plants and decent production

  28. oliviakj

    Expanding my tomato variety and I am looking forward to growing black cherry tomatoes next season.

  29. familianunez1021

    Buying this one again this year! We single steamed the black cherry tomato plants and they produced so well. Even took a good beating from a storm and part of the plant snapped off and it bounced back like nothing happened. Very easy to grow and very tasty.

  30. rachelmarieboughton

    My favorite tomato variety so far. I kept one in a pot, and brought it inside when the temperature dropped. It’s has climbed up past the window’s blinds, and is still producing fruit.

  31. asia.gregg

    I had to try these after my dad raved about the taste. And he was so right. These are one of the best tasting cherry maters I’ve ever grown. And their color is unique and gives a great look to salads. Germination rate was good, and they loved it in my garden. Definitely will be growing these every year.

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