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  1. Chris Rieker

    I planted these on new years day in my seed starter kit. They sprouted in about 4 days and some are now approaching 6 inches tall or more. Very straight growing. I planted 25 pellets with these, I had a 99 percent sprout rate and even transplanted some into new jiffy cups and they took off

  2. Amy Ardizzone

    These are great tomatoes! Beautiful fruit, delicious and pretty blight resistant in zone 5. I’ll grow these next year!

  3. bladeddragon

    I have 14 of these growing in my garden. 12 foot high string trellis and side netting. In a month they are as tall as my chain link fence and the stalk is at least an inch and a half thick. I have about 100 flowers on each and about 20 one inch fruits already going. Excellent buy and I anxiously await the outcome.
    planted in :
    300 gallons of leaf litter and cardboard.
    12 inch average depth garden gold compost
    well aged sheep manoer
    Bone meal in the well
    I also feel keeping a wind break at their base of at least 12 inches in vital.

  4. lyonsashley267

    A tasty classic!

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