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  1. Jamie Overholt

    Great germination rate on these paste tomatoes! Almost 100%! Already transplanted once from a 1 inch cell into a 12 oz. cup and they have nearly doubled in size. Stem doesn’t appear to be as thick as my Orange Roussolini seedlings but they look healthier than the other paste tomato variety I’m growing (Bakercreek’s Jersey Devil). Am very excited to make sauce with these tomatoes this summer! 🙂

  2. Valerie Howden

    Excellent germination of seeds and a growing well in the garden with thick stalks and good sized fruit. Awaiting colour change as our nights have been cool this summer. Pasta sauce to come. Will grow again next year.

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Very productive and great for making sauce.

  4. Abigail McCammon

    Great fast germination. Seedlings were strong. Plenty of seeds in the pack for my garden. So far, they’re growing great here in central Indiana. Haven’t dealt with any major diseases either. I haven’t harvest yet, but they’re starting to get lots of flowers and fruits!

  5. pgear74

    Excellent germination. Wonderful flavor. Unfortunately, everyone in my family loves to eat them and there were none left for making sauce.

  6. jonesfarm74079

    I planted this Amish Paste Tomato this year. It did great. Wished I would have had more seeds to plant. I’m gonna double my order this year so I can plant more. They are so much bigger than a regular roma. They were really healthy plants

  7. scenestra

    Good germination, tolerated being transplanted well, was productive and made a good sauce when all was said and done

  8. kellymullen2012

    Can’t wait to make tomato sauce with these lovely tomatoes! Thanks!

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