5 reviews for Roma – Tomato

  1. Sally Previde

    Seeds sprouted in just a few days. Have them growing in garden growing. Will review after harvest.

  2. Michelle McGuire

    Grew very well. Great for sauce making.

  3. lynette634

    I got a little excited in the spring and transplanted these about a week before we had one last hard freeze. Everything was covered and protected as possible but they still got damaged. I thought I lost all of the tomatoes. These pulled through and still produced really well like it never happened. I haven’t had any major disease issues or even wilting like some other varieties of tomatoes I planted. A great, hardier than expected variety that will be a staple in canning this year!

  4. len_trans

    I love Romas, they grow great here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon (zone 8). They produce two times the volume of tomatoes as anything else I have grown. The plants are very resistant to the diseases that most of the other varieties get in our wet weather. They are easy to process as they pop right out of their skin after a quick scald I have tried Amish Paste, Federle, Sheboygan, Tiffen Mennonite, Homestead and Romas will produce twice as much sauce per plant as any of them.

  5. sharonfitz71

    Germanation was very easy and the plants took off producing a ton of tomatoes. I planted three and I had so many tomatoes I had to give a bunch away. These seeds were great.

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