11 reviews for Rio Grande Verde Tomatillo

  1. Michelle McGuire

    VERY productive! Make sure you plant at least 2 plants next to each other for proper pollination.

  2. Balough36

    These plants produced prolifically. I had 2 plants survive after transplanting and I ended up with about 20 pounds of tomatillos. The spread a 6×4 foot area. Unfortunately they did not taste anything like tomatillos and were very sweet. You could make a syrup from the juices from them. It didn’t make much of a difference if I harvested early.

  3. deadkingg13

    100% germination and explosive growth once started. I even had some starting to flower under simple led shop lights.

  4. sarahhg2120

    These did so well. Almost all the seeds germinated and we had a huge harvest in 2019. We made two big batches of salsa verde for enchiladas and for chips. The bees also loved the flowers so pollination wasn’t an issue.

  5. briabram49836

    These get HUGE! Great germination.. I recommend planting near a trellis where they can take over and have free reign, as theyre kind of crowding my tomatoes, but wow are they covered in flowers or what! They have dropped some flowers, not sure why.

  6. oldmcdonald21146

    Did not have good germination. The one planted grew quickly and flowered profusely, but not one fruit. It was over 5′ when it and cage blown over in a storm, at which time I cut it half way down. By mid-Aug it was again over 5′ and still no fruit so I removed it. My 9 varieties of tomatoes grew fruit. I now notice a prior review suggesting planting at least 2 for “proper pollination” but there is no such instruction on the seed package.

  7. candace.elder.8289

    Has a little trouble getting these to take off, but once they did, they grew fast!

  8. Nicolemo2

    These were the best! I was harvesting almost everyday! They also spread like crazy! Mine were about 4-5ft X 4-5ft!!! They are great the only issue I had was with the 3 striped beetles ugh! These are very hardy. I direct sowed in March, it is now September and still productive. Great for salsa!!

  9. blair.rogers

    I also had some trouble with my germination this year (2020) As it was a new plant for me, and I wasn’t sure how it would grow here(Southern Colorado, over 7800 feet in elevation) I only planted 8 seeds, 4 of which germinated, two of which survived to maturity. They grew like a wild fire, producing tons of flowers, and tons of beautiful little “lanterns”. Then, we got a foot of snow on the 8th of Sept, and even though I covered them they didn’t survive the freezing temps. I will definitely try them again next year. The advice for multiple plants is GOOD advice, as well as giving them tons of room to spread. They made my heart happy every time I would go out to the garden!

  10. linda murray

    its a bumper crop for sure! i have pretty bad soil but when i grew them (zone 5b) they went all the way until the end of september!

  11. evanrahaman

    Great Seeds!

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