6 reviews for Large Red Cherry Tomato

  1. Sally Previde

    Growing them now and will review

  2. John R. Pulliam

    100% germination rate! We planted 30 seeds and all 30 germinated and have been transplanted.

    Can’t wait to see how they progress and how they taste when they come in!

  3. aosvath

    Planted these and labeled them cherry tomato, and they kept growing and growing until they were two inches large – these are those “cocktail” size tomatoes. Really large clusters, no splitting, good flavor, healthy plant with zero issues – not even on bottom leaves. Plant grows huge, even with aggressive pruning, but very sturdy branches. Will grow again.

  4. lyonsashley267

    Delicious! Not container friendly

  5. John W

    Extremely productive plants. Grew some in grow bags and raised beds. Each plant easily outgrew my 10 foot stakes, bent over, and grew a few feet more towards the grown. Once producing, you will be harvesting 5 to 10 tomatoes off each plant per day! They should call these VARY Large Cherry Tomatoes. Great taste too!

    Zone 7b

  6. brookeroseman8

    These did amazing and the plants got TALL! Zone 5b

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