6 reviews for Delicious – Tomato

  1. Lynn Fish

    Planted the seeds a week ago and all the seedlings are up and thriving. Every one that’s awesome! Great product!

  2. Joe

    Healthy, hearty vines and huge tomatoes. What more could you want!

  3. Josepha

    Produced a moderate number of the most amazing tasting, huge tomatoes. The plant grows very tall and very large.

  4. jessica.samplawski

    Wow, wow, and wow! Absolutely loved this variety. The tomatoes are huge with great flavor! Worked well for fresh eating (1 slice per tomato sandwich) and did well being canned. The Delicious variety will always be found in my garden.
    Zone 4a Wisconsin

  5. kjdjworks

    Grew these 2020 season. Grew over six feet tall Huge plants resistant to blight Softball size fruits and plants were mildew resistant

  6. John W

    Really good tasting tomatoes, well delicious! The plants produced some very large tomatoes early, slowed down during the heat wave and ended the summer productive again. Will be in the garden again.

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